Benefits of Membership

  1. Kartsport affiliated track
  2. Get to race in Club Champs
  3. Get to Race in club points events
  4. Access to one of the best tracks in the Southern Hemisphere! – subject to track rules
  5. Subject to commitee approval, you have access to a great club venue and facilities
  6. Voting rights on key karting & club decisions
  7. Mimimal club fees & family or social options also available.
  8. Great social atmosphere with existing and previous members attending!

Requirements of Membership

  1. Agree to club track and Kartsport NZ rules.
  2. Maintain financial status, unless you have the privilege of being a life member!
  3. Participation in working bees when required!
  4. Register any non members with indemnity form when required.


Our club consists of key roles that are important to keeping the club running.  There are support, official and committee roles that are all important & you can have an input too. Please talk to committee members about what contribution you can make, even helping for a larger meeting or working bee’s.
For a brief list of roles please have a look at: Roles in the Club