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When you share it with others the track is 930m of pure adrenalin… Download a Track Map

Location is just off Wither Road Extension, opposite the Civil Defence HQ

Kart Track

Track Records

 Congratulations on reaching these records!

Cadet Rok: Louis Sharp 45.196 15/07/2017
Vortex Mini Rok: Emmerson Vincent 44.253 15/07/2017
Junior Yamaha: Chris Cox 40.725 31/05/2008
Rotax Junior: Ryan Crombie 39.679 15/07/2017
Rotax Light: Matt Hamilton 39.641 23/03/2008
Rotax Heavy: Arron Black 40.801 04/06/2017
Briggs Light: Tony Dyer 46.534 17/03/2018
Briggs Heavy: Mike Knight 47.777 17/03/2018
KZ2: Ryan Grant 37.481 23/03/2008
Open: Ryan Urban 37.292 23/03/2008


Check List

As you get started into Karting, you’ll want to prepare a checklist for your first few race days, you’ll also create and add your own items but here’s a starter:

Kart Check List

Fuel Mixes & Gear Ratios

Important tables of information are the fuel mixes and drive sprocket ratios. Fuel mixes give a ratio of how many parts of fuel to one part of Oil. Sprocket ratios give the sprocket sizes required for how many turns the front engine sprocket makes to get a turn of the axle. Here is a printable chart:

Technical Ratio Chart

Setup Sheet

Just as important in racing, is keeping records of how your kart performs in specific conditions.  Keep track of the settings in the following check sheet:

Kart Setup Table

Kartsport Manual

To get your hands on latest manual check out the KartSport New Zealand website!  It’s available under KartSport New Zealand Downloads and Manuals or containing a PDF version of the manual.

Any questions relating to the manual should be directed to:
Email: Web:

Additional Downloads


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